Resting in a snugly bed, enjoying a coffee or a meal in our cheerful common room, looking at the ocean through our large panorama windows, reading, talking with fellow pilgrims, having fun and playing board games, this is all here for you. And more.

You can try your creative side with rock painting, participate in our annual photo contest. Moreover, we can organize your day trips, or give you recommendations what to visit around this breathtakingly beautiful corner of the world.

Our services:


Single and bunk bed: EUR 11

Double bed: EUR 22


  • Welcoming staff

  • Fresh bedding (sheets and pillow cases)

  • Tea and instant coffee gratis

  • Takeaway breakfast packages 

  • Shower (hot water 24/7)

  • Washer / dryer

  • Free Wifi

  • Refrigerator

  • Well equipped kitchen 

  • Sunny courtyard

  • Bikes for rent (limited number)

  • Bike parking

  • Books and board-games

  • Guest book

  • Common room with ocean view

  • Pay with cash or credit/debit card

We are special because you are special

It is hard to define sometimes why we feel great at certain places. Is it the colors of the common room? Maybe our friendly staff? Or perhaps the view? Albergue Delfín has it all, and we believe that the special atmosphere of this place is something you will always remember.  As we are also pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, we want you to feel as you are part of this place. We warmly welcome you at your arrival, make sure you have a great time here, and when you leave, we will be at the door waving 'Buen Camino!' to you, hoping to see you again one day!

Extend the Camino feeling - stay a bit longer

Already finished your Camino, but you just don't feel like hopping on the plane and get back to "reality"? Or maybe it was long ago, but you just miss the Camino and albergue vibe? Or you told about the magic of the Way to your friends and family and you want to show a glimpse of it without walking for weeks? Come and stay with us for a few days, rest, sleep, heel the blisters, enjoy the atmosphere, organize your notes, your photos, your memories, take your time before you leave. We can help where to go for a trip nearby, you may rent bikes from us, enjoy solitude or company, watch the waves breaking on the rocks, preserve all in your heart... before leaving  magical Galicia.

ARTbergue - the artistic side of pilgrims

You collected so much memories, absorbed feelings and moments... try what it does to your artistic side! Our albergue provides you with paint and inspiration. You will be amazed, just like we are, every time a new artwork is being born here.

Check out our ARTbergue gallery!

We also help you to create your own DIY chocolate shell. 

We think green

We are aware of that the quality of our life in the future depends on our actions today. This is why in Delfín we are supporting sustainable living, green energz and responsible waste management. We recycle when we can, manage garbage selectively and reduce plastic waste bz not purchasing and using disposable straws, plastic cutlery, unnecessary plastic bags and boxes. We also encourage our guests to think responsively about the environment. We also regularly organize groups to clean the nearby beaches and green area.

Cleanliness is first priority

In Delfín we make a lot of effort to provide you with a safe, fresh and clean accommodation. Our rigorous cleaning routine is being done every day between 9 AM and 12 AM. We kindly ask all our guests to leave the albergue with all their belongings before 9AM. In case you are staying more than one night, you may leave your backpack in the common room, but you still have to leave the facility. After 12 everyone is welcome back in the freshly cleaned albergue!.

Your goodnight sleep is secured here

After a long day of walking and socializing, a relaxing good sleep is priceless. We are also party loving people but we understand the value of the undisturbed resting, and we all dealt with noisy bothersome accommodation as well. Although you spend your night in a shared room, which obviously can be challenging at times, what we can do is to keep the door closed between 11 PM and 6 AM. Wherever you go for dinner, please make sure you return before closing time. 

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