Muxía is no ordinary small town by the Atlantic Ocean.

It is one of the last stops  for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago and its rocky coast is called  Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) for the high number of deadly ship wrecks in the past.

One of the most tragic of these sad events was the Prestige in 2002

The name of Muxía refers to the "monks" who established the nearby Benedictine monastery now known as the church in Moraime, during the 11th century.

There are several spectacular places worth mentioning around here, but one stands out, the Santuario da Virxe da Barca. If you came all the way to this corner of the globe, you cannot leave without seeing it. The spot of the sanctuary was known for pilgrimage even before Christianity set foot in this part of Spain. The area had been habituated since the bronze age. 

You must get there just before sunset and watch the magnificent rocking waves  while the sun gracefully and slowly sinks and disappears on the western horizon. Ancient Celtic people did the same, watching the descending sun, submerging into the ocean.

Several festivities and cultural events are attracting visitors to Muxía throughout the year.


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Recommended trips nearby

Church of San Julián de Moraime

The Church of San Julián de Moraime is a church in the Moraime area of Muxia, a town in Galicia, Spain. It was a Benedictine monastery, established in the 12th century originally.

The monastery near Muxia was named "Mosteiro de Moraime" to honor the saint, San Xiao de Moraime, and was established in the early 12th century.

Distance from Albergue Delfín:  cca 3.6 km. Elevation: 100 m. 

Directions: HERE

Santuario da Virxe da Barca

Distance from Albergue Delfín:  1.6 km Elevation: insignificant

Directions: HERE

Monte Facho Lourido (mountain peak)

From the peak of Mount Facho you will enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the Muxían peninsula and its surroundings.  You will pass by sandy beaches, dunes, hills, rocky shores and get the essence of the unique cost and its vegetation. 

Distance from Albergue Delfín:  cca 5.6 km. Elevation: 293 m.

Directions: HERE

Cabo Touriñán

Cabo Touriñán is a small peninsula that is the most westerly point of Spain.

Distance from Albergue Delfín:  cca 15 km. Elevation: 250 m.

Directions: HERE

Caldeiras do Rio Castro

Beautiful waterfalls

Distance from Albergue Delfín:  cc 12  km. Elevation: 103 m.

Directions: HERE

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